Responding To A Senator’s Email: In Regards To Planned Parenthood


I recently clicked one of the many links flooding Facebook timelines. It had a prewritten letter and asked that I send it to my state senator in regards to the defunding of Planned Parenthood. I went along with it and received this reply:

Dear Ms. Moffitt,
Thank you for contacting my office regarding the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood, which passed the Senate with a vote of 23 – 10. I have always opposed state funding of Planned Parenthood because I believe it is offensive to many Ohioans to support an organization that is so heavily invested in abortion services and advocacy. The recent revelations about the selling of human organs however really highlights how out of sync this organization is with the values of so many.
Planned Parenthood’s defense against the heinous videos is that the organization is under attack from “extreme” pro-life groups. They have pointedly ignored that these videos feature prominent PP members callously discussing the dismemberment and tissue donation of a baby. This organization would have everyone believe that they are the victims, rather than the innocent children that they abort.
Contrary to Planned Parenthood’s claim that they are the sole provider of women’s reproductive healthcare, there are many other providers that can and do offer similar services. Foremost among these are the Federally Qualified Health Centers. Redirecting state funding for family planning services to such providers might require some ramping up, but certainly they would be able to do that with an infusion of state dollars. In addition to obtaining family planning services at the FQHC and Public Health Departments, women seeking help with a crisis pregnancy would be far better served at one of the dozens of Crisis Pregnancy Centers across Ohio.
Crisis Pregnancy Centers, sometimes called Pregnancy Resource Centers spend time exploring a variety of options that are often unseen by a woman in the face of their own fear. I have frequently seen frightened women find comfort and peace during their initial visit to a crisis pregnancy center, and then spend months being supported by the volunteers and staff. These clinics are a real alternative to Planned Parenthood, which only offers the woman a single option—abortion. Last time I checked there was not a single PP facility that provided prenatal care.
Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me with your concern. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the future.
Peggy Lehner
State Senator
Senate District 6

The Senator addresses reports regarding funding for the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of care for Ohio.

The Senator addresses reports regarding funding for the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of care for Ohio.

I was somewhat appalled. I couldn’t help but write a reply. I haven’t sent it, but I will share it with you.

Senator Lehner,

Your defense for voting to defund Planned Parenthood is extremely weak as it is wrought with opinion rather than fact. Your statement, “I have always opposed state funding of Planned Parenthood because I believe it is offensive to many Ohioans…” merely reinforces this. Your job is not to make choices, that affect those of us depending on you, because you “believe it is offensive,” but to make your choices based on FACT, for the betterment of our people.
You are against the selling of human organs. I can understand that if it were linked to a black market that has questionable means of harvesting and selling said organs. However, in the case of Planned Parenthood, these organs were obtained legally, in a sterile environment, and without profit. The payments made to PP were to cover the cost of retrieving and transporting the tissue with nothing left over to line pockets. Are you only against organ harvesting in the case of Planned Parenthood, or will you defund and defame the doctors harvesting life saving organs to transplant to dying people as well? 
The videos depicting PP doctors are nothing more than propaganda to gain sympathy by the anti-abortion groups and have been proven to be altered. (Note I said “anti-abortion” and not “pro-life.” There is a reason for that; it has to do with those same people claiming to be pro-life demanding cuts to programs that support the very children they forced to be brought into this world. That, however, is an argument for another day.) They were “callously discussing the dismemberment and tissue donation of a baby” as you put it, because they were empirically explaining the process of how one collects tissue to send in for experimentation. Did you expect them to be blubbering imbeciles, defaming themselves and crying their woes for such a heinous job? They are scientists ma’am. This is what scientists do. Tell me, do you enjoy the protection from disease and viruses we receive from vaccination? You can thank scientists who experimented with human tissue for that (some of which worked for Planned Parenthood). Or are you yet another of the ignorant anti-vaxers that proclaim vaccines cause autism despite numerous scientific studies that prove otherwise? This life saving scientific study being offensive to many is not enough when those crying out against the defunding of PP far outnumber your “many.”
As for Planned Parenthood being “heavily invested in abortion services and advocacy” you again proclaim your ignorance! Does PP offer abortion services? Yes. Does PP advocate abortion? NO. They give women the option to take control of THEIR body and decide what is best for themselves and their future. They do not pressure women into abortion nor full term pregnancy. In fact, every account from numerous women I’ve spoken to suggests that abortion isn’t mentioned until the patient brings it up first. You mention “innocent children they abort” as if they are murdering a child that is already alive and sentient. Can you tell me for a fact that an unborn child is aware that it is alive? No. You cannot. It is merely a potential child. The mother however is alive and should have autonomous control over her body. Will you also stop men from ejaculating? Thousands of potential children are murdered per ejaculation, whereas only one is destroyed from abortion.
Where do you get the idea that PP claims they are the only provider for women’s reproductive healthcare? Please give me a source for this, as I have yet to hear or read this claim uttered by PP and not their opponents. There are other options for women. Counter to your belief, they are not as pleasant as you seem to think. They are understaffed and overworked creating jaded uncaring attitudes toward their patients in junction with overcrowded waiting rooms and triple booked appointments. In my personal experience the Federally Qualified Health Centers are unpleasant, to say the least. With callous doctors and nurses, combined with three or more hour wait times past my scheduled appointment, suffice to say, it was horrible care compared to that which I received from PP.
PP does not provide prenatal care. It does however provide access to birth control, yearly PAP smears, HIV testing, gonorrhea testing, HPV testing, all manner of STD and STI tests and treatment, as well as screening for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer at a cost-effective price for low-income women and families. Not to mention the multitude of reproductive services they provide for men such as prostate exams. This is what you are defunding, ma’am, not abortions. NONE of the government funding Planned Parenthood receives covers abortions. I find the benefit of these services FAR outweigh your uptight antipathy of women’s choice and the mere 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services that cover abortions. Let me reiterate. You chose to defund an organization that provides 97% of it’s services with government funding to test, screen, and treat STDs, STIs, and Cancer because 3% of its NON-GOVERNMENT FUNDED services include abortion.
You asked what you may do for me in the future. For me, and my fellow Ohioans, you can choose to vote on issues in a manner untainted by your personal beliefs, biases, and ignorance. Instead, vote in the best interest of those, both women and men, living in our fine state.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Why? Should I hit the send button on this email or just let it go?

I Am What I Am.

My first go at a selfie since before they were called selfies.

My first go at a selfie since before they were called selfies.

Who am I?

To steal the intro of the great literary piece Moby Dick, you may call me Proxy. To understand why I’m called Proxy one must understand that I am very empathic to those around me (in most cases) and tend to take on a blanket persona of someone I am around for an extended period of time… thus if I am around a bitch I become a bitch by proxy. Simple enough to understand, yes?

I’m a complicated being and I like to surround myself with complicated things. I see things from multiple perspectives and can turn light to dark when I like. I have a tendency to dwell in the fantastical and blatantly ignore the mundane. I have the constant urge and desire to create but often lack the motivation. Apathy is my greatest fault. I create in a variety of mediums – words, colors, clay, wire, beads, paper, and anything else that strikes my fancy and whenever I have the time (read motivation). I would read my life away if I could. However, I can’t, so I try to fit it in as often as possible (usually when I should be producing something).

I do believe in faeries. I do. I do. I do. (I also would like them to cease forever borrowing my favorite panties and only one sock of a pair along with the other sundry items that come up missing when I need them most. I mean, really… don’t they get enough entertainment watching me fumble around for things I’ve misplaced myself. I truly don’t need their help to do so more often!)

I have a wonderful family. I met my soul mate (though not my first love) and he is my husband of seven years. We recently introduced our daughter into the world. She terrifies me with her intelligence at only 16 months! I only pray that I will be a match for her when she grows older.

I’m Pagan. I rarely dance naked under the full moon. I don’t cast curses (who needs that kind of negativity in their lives). I don’t worship the Devil, Satan, or any of the other Christian/Judeo/Islamic personifications of evil. I don’t fly on a broom. I don’t ritually sacrifice animals (or any other living creature). I don’t cast spells on Halloween candy (though I’m still looking for one that will let me eat it without it going straight to my ass). I won’t cast a love spell for you, and I can’t bring people back from the dead incorporeal or otherwise. I do love nature. I do believe that every person has a right to his/her beliefs so long as they do not lead to the persecution, harm, or detriment of another person or being. I do believe that there is – at the very least – the possibility of good in everyone and sometimes you just have to look a little harder to see it. I do believe that true love exists for everyone but you have to stop looking for it before you will find it. I do believe that what you send out in the world comes back to you. I do believe in doing the most good without looking for a reward, and I do believe in making the best of life while you have it.

What am I doing here?

That’s almost as complicated as the first question. I need to do something. I have to do something. I’ve been stuck in a monotonous quagmire of doing nothing with myself for myself for the past two years. Finally, I’m going to take the time and the effort to put myself out there for the world to see. I want to express some of the millions of little thoughts that ramble around in my head that are so hard to verbally articulate, yet may be the very thing to help someone else start thinking. . . or realize the importance of asking, “Why?”

I’m new to blogging. Well, I should say that I’m new to committing to blogging. I’ve thrown out a column here or there on other sites, but nothing that lasted more than a post or two. Usually, these were only seen by myself and/or my close circle of friends. My goal is to stick with this. I hope to will post at least twice a week. Not only will it be a way to reach others and expand my horizons, but it can also help me get some order back in the chaos that are my thoughts by writing them down to be reviewed by myself and others. I have a lot to rant about and new rants pop into my brain every other minute.

I need an income. I need an income from something I love to do. I can’t go back to the daily grind of a job that will goes nowhere. I endeavored and dramatically failed the attempt against all my best intentions. I want to continue to be a stay-at-home mom. I want to continue to devote myself to my family and to do this I need to get my writing out there so that hopefully someone, somewhere will realize that I have potential that just needs to be cultivated.

Practice, practice, practice. There is no better way to improve in something than by doing it. Thus, I will get a cathartic release of mental snowballing by throwing it at my keyboard, my audience will enjoy the ravings of yet another crackpot, and meanwhile I will be honing my skills as a writer until editors would be harebrained to ignore my veritable talent.